Google+ adds Communities

Google announced last week that they’ve rolled out ‘Communities’.

Think Group Google+

Whether it’s for your family, your book club or people around the world who share your interests, communities give each of your different groups a home base.” Google+ Communities Page

In the same way you’d work a list in Twitter, a group in Facebook, or groups in LinkedIn, your Google+ community can help your marketing efforts, increase your Plus1 scores, or just be a fun place to visit and enjoy other people who like the same things you do.

Try it, EZ Set Up and You’re Rolling

Just to check it out, I started a community – a fun one, I haven’t determined where I’ll go with a business community yet.

On  your Google+ page, choose Communities in the left vertical  menu, then when you are on the Communities page, the red Create a Community button.

Create your own Community

You have the option of Public, open to the world, or Private,  members by invitation only.  Then you Name your community,

  • Write a tagline
  • Pick a photo
  • Complete your About section
  • Add a few discussion categories

Invite people from your circles, your email, all your contact choices, and let the community begin!

Invite People to Your Community

When I got through with this (which took all of five minutes, and that was thinking up a subject and finding a photo) I had an invite to a Community called Circle Me Up! which already had about 400 active (and busy) members.  Of course I joined.

It will be interesting to see if this is the tool that pushes Google+ out of the ‘ghost town’ impression and fully into action along with Facebook and Twitter.

Whether you start a community or join one, never forget the impact your Google+ efforts have on your search and social media efforts.  Google+ should be your new best friend.


About The Author

Traci Gregory, self-styled unrepentant rebel, social media provocateur and copy writing guru has been working with companies and individuals for thirty years helping them build brands and design media campaigns for targeted audiences, keeping them engaged, entertained and informed. Traci is a social media pioneer, author of Tweetease and a recognized SEO expert.
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